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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Daily Cookie is moving and we'd like for you to come with us! Please visit us at our new URL address, www.dailycookie.net. We don't want you to miss us so please update your bookmarks.

See you again soon!

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"12 Days of Christmas" Giveaway!

Friday, November 23, 2007

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So I woke up yesterday morning on Thanksgiving Day in a jolly holiday mood and thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to spread the joy of The Daily Cookie and do a fun holiday season giveaway?" And as the day wore on, eating, drinking and being merry, with the Colts slaughtering the Falcons 31-13, I decided, YES, The Daily Cookie will hold its first contest and I'd love for you all to join in on the fun!

I'm conducting a "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway where I'll be giving away one gift for, oh I dunno, 12 days? It won't be doing it everyday; I'm going to do it on random days so you'll have to check back regularly from now until Dec. 24th for your chance to win.

The rules are really simple, I'll post the Gift of the Day as early as I can in the morning and you have all day (until 11:59 PST) to email me at thedailycookie@yahoo.com. When you email me, you agree that I may keep your email address for future news and offers from The Daily Cookie. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (since I can't afford shipping internationally). And that's it!

*EDIT: If you've already won during our "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway, you are not eligible to win subsequent days.**

I hope you enjoy this fun sweepstakes and I'd love to hear any comments or thoughts you have about our first contest.

Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I hope that y'all have a great holiday with your family and friends this weekend! I'm going to spend the better part of the day making turkey 'n all the fixin's with the Boyfriend. We're gonna start early but it's no big deal because while we slave over the stove, we're going to eat some bomb deviled eggs and bacon-wrapped shrimp that one of our best friend, Bruce, is going to make.

And of course, watch some football while we cook - can't wait! I'm getting killed in my Fantasy Football league so I'm praying for a high-scoring Colts game tomorrow. GO Peyton Manning!! I'll be thankful to just not be in the bottom this week again.

What else am I thankful for? Chanel - how do I count the ways? My new favorite Hydramax moisturizer and who could resist those beautiful Glossimers?!

Dior 'DiorLight' Holiday Bright Lip Gloss ($90 US) is such a beauty, I can't help but be thankful for the geniuses behind this gem.

A Top Chef 3 Thanksgiving Day marathon on Bravo . I can't wait until the next season, but until then, I'll get my fix all day tomorrow! YAY Hung!

And of course my family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

Foodie Review: Aqua SF

Okay, so it was my boyfriend's birthday last Tuesday (by the way, he's lovingly known as 'Big Daddy' among my circle of friends - LOL) and I decided to take him to Aqua, a restaurant that we've both been wanting to try but was sure that it would be wayyy over-priced and over-rated.

Aqua's menu consists almost entirely of seafood (one of the reasons he wanted to go) and is rated as a top San Francisco fine dining restaurant with two (out of three) Michelin stars (the only reason I wanted to go).

Our reservation was at 7pm and we were promptly seated in a spot that was as I requested - away from the kitchen and away from the door. It's just too noisy if you end up at either one of those locations. But, to my disappointment at Aqua, it was STILL noisy. Annoyingly noisy, where I couldn't even hear what the waiter or my boyfriend sitting across from me was saying half the time. So much for a nice dinner. If anyone from Aqua SF is reading this, please remodel and fix the acostics in your restaurant. You might end up with 3 Michelin stars next year because the noise level really took away from my, otherwise great, dining experience.

One thing I should mention about the menu at Aqua is that you can't order just an entree or one appetizer to share; you can only choose their 3-course prix fixe menu ($72 US) or the Chef's Tasting Menu ($125 US for 7 courses). While I did want to do the Tasting Menu, I just wasn't down for someone else choosing what I ate, so we both opted for the 3-course dinner.

Our meal started out with a plate of amuse-bouche. A sliver of sardine (fishy!), celery root and apple soup (YUM!), and a tuna croquette. I wasn't too impressed with it since it was all over the place. I'm not to the level where I can appreciate (or unappreciate) the progression of food as far as flavors go, but I do know what I like. I didn't like the fishy sardine, or the saltiness of the soup - although the flavor was nice, too much salt. And I didn't have much to say about the croquette. So, I thought, here we go, an overpriced dinner that isn't even going to be good. Boy, was I wrong!

I had some seared scallops and my boyfriend had raw kumamoto oysters. I don't like oysters, but he claimed they were good. And my scallops were divine. Perfectly cooked and just melted in my mouth. Here are some pictures but please know that this doesn't do it any justice since I lost my camera and had to take photos with my Treo. AND the lighting on my side of the table made the plates look green.

Seared Scallops

Kumamoto Oysters

Next, I had Crispy Snapper and the Boyfriend had Cod. I was a little disappointed in the snapper; it was slightly overcooked and dry but again, the flavor was good. And the BF's cod was excellent! I'm talkin' flavor bursting in my mouth and the fish was moist and perfectly done. There was nothing wrong with that dish in my book. I'd go again right now if it weren't so darn expensive!

Crispy Snapper

Atlantic Cod

And finally for dessert, I had a cheese plate because I don't really have a sweet tooth (and I LOVE cheese!) and the BF had some sort of passionfruit cake with hibiscus sauce and lychees. It was divine! He claims he doesn't like dessert but you know he ate the whole thing!

Passionfruit Dessert

What I loved the most about the whole evening was, of course the company (Honey, I know you're reading!), and the table side presentation! Every course that was brought out, the servers poured the sauces onto our plates. It made it seem really fancy and that they appreciated the fact that you were dining there.

My only major complaint about the whole experience was the darn noise and the fact that I didn't send my snapper back when I should have. I personally don't recommend Aqua if you're looking for a quiet evening with good food. However, I do recommend it if you're going in a big party (who cares if you're loud because everyone else is) or if you have an expense account you want to blow.

Let me know what your experience with Aqua was like and if you recommend in any restaurants in the SF/Bay Area. I love food and I will go try it!

One more day until Turkey Day! YAY!

Lancôme Color Fever Plumper and F&F Event

It seems like there are a lot of lip “plumper” glosses out there on the market these days. And Lancôme is following suit with their new Color Fever Plumper lip gloss. This plumping vibrant lipshine ($28 US) is a Lancôme first.

It’s described as a powerful new lip plumper that physically and comfortably enhances lip size and volume – without the biting burn – for a sexy, luscious, voluptuous pout.

In seconds, lips are stimulated and plumped with two effects:
- Sensorial Volume Effect: Dramatically yet, pleasantly plumps lips with a unique combination of cooling menthol, stimulating parfums, and polyoils that infuse lips with moisture.
- High Shine Effect: High-shining oils intensely reflect light to make lips look larger for a full-bodied, luminous pout.

New Color Fever Plumper comes in 7 perfect shades to choose from:

- Souffle
- Quilted

- Puckered
- Ample
- Bountiful

- Suggestive
- Curvy

And if you want to try out this new lipgloss, don’t fret because Lancôme’s Friends and Family event is going on right now. Get 20% off your purchase on Lancôme’s website from now until Nov. 26th. Just enter in promo code OURGIFT when you check out!

I suggest you really take advantage of this Friends and Family event by stocking up on all of Lancôme’s holiday favorites. Pick up their Holiday 2007 Precious Light Collection – oh la la!

I personally love the Precious Carat Lip Gloss Jewel ($40 US) shaped like a diamond and made of Swarovski crystals!


2007 American Music Awards: Love It or Hate It?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I caught some of the American Music Awards on television Sunday night and I gotta say, there wasn't anything too interesting about it. But then again, what really is when it comes to these award shows?

I was on the lookout for fun, sassy, pretty fashions and makeup just to keep myself interested in watching (but I ultimately clicked over to The Amazing Race because a friend would rather watch people drinking camel's milk - gross, but intriguing).

Anyway, back to the AMAs. I noticed that there were a lot of sparkles and minis (a lot). I love both trends and I love them both together! Check out Ashley Tisdale, Melanie Brown, and Fergie's look here.

I also tried to pick out my favorite beauty looks of the night. Which one was your favorite? I gotta go with Alicia Keys' dress was one of my faves but her eyeliner was wayyy too think and heavy for me. You couldn't even tell how pretty her eyes really are!

I adored Carrie Underwood's soft and romantic makeup; the subtle lips and dramatic eyes were perfect to go with her sweet white mini-dress. Although I'm still on the fence about the neckline - too wedding-ish for me.

Christina Applegate's fierce, royal blue dress was one of my favorites of the bunch but I definitely wasn't into her shoes. First off, it didn't match, and second of all, a slinky, strappy silver sandal would have made this outfit shine! I was also diggin' her soft, subtle makeup. Is it just me or do her eyes look a little buggy - not the right false lashes maybe?

And finally, for my worst pick of the evening's looks - Rihanna. Oh girl, what is up with the dangling piece of hair right in front of your face? It just looks like a bad weave and the dress was sooooo unflattering. I much preferred the dress she had on during her stage performance with Ne-Yo. It was super classy and really showed off her body in a non-slutty kind of way.

Which AMA looks were your favorite? I'd love to know!

{Photos: People.com, FabSugar, Oh-Rihanna.com, CBS.com}

New Lancome Pout-à-Porter Lip Color!!

{Photo: WWD.com}

The Lancome Pout-à-Porter collection is on a roll and wwd.com has reported that a fourth sensation in lip color is in the works – aren’t you soo excited?? Gucci Westman, Lancome’s international artistic director, is working with designer, Thakoon Panichgul, on another shade that is sure to put beauty enthusiasts into a frenzy even before it hits stores.

From wwd.com: Working with the show’s theme of “a Japanese girl who goes to Hawaii,” Westman decided on a fuchsia stain to highlight the fresh-from-the-beach glow she planned on giving the models. She mixed together three creamy textured colors: beige, beige-colored rose and a bright, blue-based fuchsia. “It’s the sheerest color we’ve done yet for the project,” says Westman, “but it’s perfect for Thakoon. His girl is about minimal makeup.”

Only 2,000 of this still unnamed lip color will go into production and is set to retail for $24 each. This new addition of the Pout-à-Porter collection will hit stores in February – to align with Fashion Week I’m sure! Past colors included the recently released PS Kiss, Proenza Pink, the first from the collection, Benhaz Red. Keep an eye out for the new one, ladies, I know I am because it's going to sell out faster than the Valentine's Day chocolate you're going to receive in February.

MAC Of Beauty Collection

Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Beauty has its form, and its mediums. The light and dimensional harmony of two reflective sources: new Beauty Powder/Loose, coordinated with the soft ambient highlights provided by five new Studio Lights. The look: radiant and sculpturesque."

MAC's newest collection, Of Beauty, gives us an array of pearlescent loose powder that provides a sheer, lightly reflective, shimmering iridescent finish to the skin.

You can use the Beauty Powder/Loose ($21 US) in many ways; ideal for highlighting eyes, cheeks and décolletage. There are six Limited Edition colors available:

Dancing Light Creamy gold with white gold reflect
Drizzlegold Fleshy beige with copper and gold reflect
Natural Flare Peachy champagne with white and gold reflect
Sunspill Coral Peach with white and gold reflect
Tenderdusk Soft pink with red and gold reflect
Soft Flame Rich plum with reddish copper reflect

Also in the Of Beauty collection are Studio Lights ($14.50 US), a softly tinted, sheer, reflective, semi-fluid colour used on the under-eye area to help brighten the look of dark circles. Can also be used to highlight and contour key areas of the face. Five Limited Edition colors available:

Skin Lure Soft creamy beige
Ideal Pink Palest pinkish beige
Smoothspice Caramel
Frangipan Pale golden yellow
Sand Soft peachy beige

With all of the beautiful and luminous holiday looks I've seen so far, like the ones from Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown this year, Of Beauty is the perfect way to complete your beauty look this season.

Bond No. 9, Please Meet Saks Fifth Avenue

Bond No. 9 recently came out with two new fragrances, Saks Fifth Avenue for Her and Him, marking the first time a specialty store has even commissioned a perfumery to design scents and pioneering a new genre of luxury fragrances.

And how perfect is this union, you ask? If you’re not familiar with Bond No. 9, here’s a little background. Bond No. 9 launched as an homage to the city it was born in, New York, (with its corporate address being 9 Bond Street, in Noho). All 31 Bond No. 9 fragrances give every single New York neighborhood a scent to call its own – try out Bryant Park, Chinatown, or Wall Street to name a few.

And then there’s Saks. Well if you don’t know, Saks is the definition of New York retail elegance and an iconic destination store in the Big Apple located in the heart of 5th Avenue, an ultra-sophisticated neighborhood unto itself. So, you can imagine that when you combine the two, you get a match made in New York heaven.

Check out this amazing crystal-encrusted bottle featuring Saks’ white and black logo – wouldn’t you want this piece of bling sitting on your dresser??

When I wore Saks Fifth Avenue for Her today, the scent was so floral, heavy like gardenias. one of my co-workers even said that it smelled like I rubbed a flower on my arm. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t too sweet or anything. It was actually very romantic and sexy. It could easily be a classic scent that I can come back to again and again.

The Take-Off:
- Jasmine
- Tuberose (perennial plant of the agave family – think yucca, Joshua tree)

The Heart:
- Gardenia

The Bottom:
- Vetiver (perennial grass native to India)
- Vanilla

Saks Fifth Avenue for Her retails for $125 US for a 1.7 oz. bottle and is available now exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide, on Saks.com and at Bond No. 9’s four New York boutiques.

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Best Beauty Reads of the Week

Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Friday! Here are some of my favorite reads from around the web this week to help you catch up on your weekend reading.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic gives us Dr. Brandt week! Check out her reviews on some of the more popular products from this skincare line.

Enter for your chance to win a FULL set of Billy B. makeup brushes at The Makeup Girl. It's valued at $250 US so get on over there now!

Check out Beauty Treasures on a Budget from The Muse. They're super cute!

A Girl's Gotta Spa tells us about the Body Wrap. Do you need it to hide all the holiday fixin's? I think I might!

Makeup and Beauty Blog is doing the CAN CAN this weekend in the Bay Area. What do YOU want to know from Paris Hilton, herself?

Beauty Junkie in SF tells us how she maintains her lovely blonde locks on a budget!

Need a stocking stuffer idea? Peep this Marc Jacob find on City Chic!

Don't forget to check out my beauty reviews this week where I tell you what I loved or hated about Chanel's Hydramax Moisture Boost Cream and Clinique's High Definition Lash Mascara!

Sephora Discounts!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sephora's giving you another chance to get your hands on some great freebies!

From now through Dec. 31st, when you spend $50 US more on Sephora.com you can get this cute silver clutch filled with samples of our favorite beauty products. All you have to do is enter promo code CLUTCH1 at checkout and you're all set! While supplies last, of course, so don't wait!


Beauty Review: Chanel Hydramax Moisture Boost Cream

Chanel has never disappointed me (well.. maybe just their prices) and my latest find from them is definitely not an exception.

I started using Chanel Hydramax Moisture Boost Cream ($58 US) a couple of weeks ago and I'm sooo in love with the formula. Now that the weather is getting colder in San Francisco, I have issues with dry skin in the winter. This moisturizing cream is rich, but not heavy. It smells wonderful, like summer peaches and is blue-ish in color. It also has a cooling sensation when you apply it - hmm, I wonder if that was intentional with the blue...

Here's some of the science behind it from Chanel.com:

Powerful formula performs at the source of dehydration, helping accelerate skin's ability to hydrate itself, utilizing skin proteins and an enzyme that trap moisture in and between cells. Also performs at the surface, creating a moist micro-climate to achieve perfect hydration. Extract of Yeast stimulates the formation of 'comfort lipids,' the natural lipids often lacking in dehydrated skin. Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Extract of Cassia and sugar derivatives provide moisture to the skin surface for softness and comfort. Vitamin E derivative helps protect against skin-damaging free radicals.

This is definitely one that I'd recommend. My face feels softer, and doesn't make me greasy after a few hours - as some other heavier creams tend to do for me and, my makeup applies nicely on top of it. I couldn't believe how many compliments I've gotten on my skin lately and it makes me want to believe that this moisturizer is making the difference! The only annoying thing about it is that it comes in a jar, and not a pump. It's like we're living in the stone age!

Have you tried this moisturizer yet? What are some of your favorites? I'd love to know!

Are You In? Or Are You Out?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do these words sound familiar? Well if they don't, I'm sure Heidi Klum will remind you tonight on the new season premiere of Bravo's Project Runway!!

This show is so addicting, even if you don't really care about fashion, this reality competition is always one that delivers for me. Just like my very favorite, Top Chef, it's all about refining a craft (design, cooking, etc) and not about who can manipulate the rest of the peons off the show.

I'm definitely looking forward to it; are you??

Beauty Review: Clinique High Definition Lashes Mascara

I was a little skeptical to try this mascara because I hadn’t used any products from Clinique for as long as I can remember. The brand didn’t have any pizzazz for me all those years ago so I really wasn’t expecting much from the mascara. But, I’m surprised (and glad) to say that I really like this mascara!

Three things that I’m looking for in a good mascara is: volume, length, and longevity. I’d say that this High Definition Lashes Mascara ($14 US) has all of the above, but if it gave me more volume, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a favorite.

I’ve been wearing it for a couple of days now and I’ve noticed that it’s really easy to apply. I can get an even coverage without trying too hard and within 2-3 coats –- I put on three because I wanted my lashes to look fuller. (I’m telling you, they’re really skimpy.)

The brush is a dual one – one side is for applying the color and then it has a comb to brush out your lashes so that you can create definition for each lash. I found that I didn’t need the comb side and was worried that it would affect the applicator side (not big enough, etc.) but it didn’t. I don’t know about you but I may not have been affected because I don’t have a lot of lashes to begin with.

Again, this didn’t give me all the volume that I was looking for but I didn’t really miss it either. It’s nice for your more subtle day looks when you’re not looking to blow everyone away with your fabulous lashes. It defines nicely and does a great job with lengthening for me. I can wear it all day (I’m talking 12+ hours) and it doesn’t flake at all - woo hoo!!!

At $14 bucks a pop (slightly higher than drugstore brands), I think this one’s really worth a try. Let me know what you think of this Allure Editor’s Choice Winner.

The Face of Cover Girl's New Lash Blast Mascara!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I just read on GlamBlush about the new spokesperson for Cover Girl’s Lash Blast mascara that’s been all the craze for the past couple of weeks and I’m soooo happy to see that it’s Drew Barrymore!

The reviews on Makeup Alley are just fair, so I’m not really sure what the big deal is. All I do know is that, for some reason, I really want to try it anyway! Especially now, after watching Cover Girl’s cheesy new commercial with Drew Barrymore! I love the girl to death but this wasn’t doing anything for me. What do you think about it?

I’m almost out of my favorite L’Oreal Original Voluminous Mascara and I’m open and willing to try a new drugstore brand – because who doesn’t love a great bargain product?? I know, I do!

Any of you out there have your own reviews on this new mascara? I’d love to hear them and if you think they are better than your current favorites.