Introducing Andy Warhol's Silver Factory

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I had an opportunity to preview Bond No. 9’s new Andy Warhol Silver Factory before it hits stores Dec. 1st and I gotta say, it’s a great fragrance with lots of personality and I couldn’t help but smell my wrists all day – is that weird? *wink*

Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory begins a new direction in the art of perfumery and perfume bottle design and marks the start of Bond No. 9’s series of Andy Warhol collectibles. Depicted on the bottle’s surface is a graphic image inspired by one of the pop artist’s most recognizable images – a bold rendition of the Campbell’s Soup Can! Ingenious! And, makes it really exciting for Andy Warhol buffs.

The slender bottle, with a background of textured silver displays a unique graphic inspired by the Campbell’s Soup Can with dissonant blocks of turquoise and purple, with distinctive Campbell’s script in mustard yellow.

It will be really interesting to see what will come out of this collection since all of the fragrances will use the artist’s paintings, silkscreens, illustrations, et. al., on the package designs.

Like all the scents-in-progress that Bond No. 9 is creating for the Warhol collection, Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory, also known as The Factory, is a unisex fragrance.

The Take-Off:
- Citrussy Bergamont in soft and gentle mode (as if it had a hangover)
- Impudently zesty Grapefruit
- Mood-altering Lavender

The Heart:
- Non-shrinking Violet (Andy Warhol’s favorite scent)
- Intoxicating Incense summoning up the 60s with a single sniff (YES!)
- Criminally sultry Jasmine
- Elusive, metallic Iris, smelling the way silver might smell

The Bottom:
- Velvety-soft Amber, a tranquilizer in fragrance form
- Syrupy Wood Resin, hinting of a raunchy breed of vanilla
- Cool, but sensual Cedarwood

This first Bond No. 9 series of Warhol collectibles will retail for $230 for a 3.4oz bottle beginning Dec. 1st at all four Bond No. 9 New York boutiques, at, at Saks Fifth Avenue nationwide, and at


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