Don’t Need the Sun to Keep Your Summer Sun-Kissed Complexion

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

There’s no reason to turn into a pasty, pale mess during the winter months because your summer tank tops have been traded in for those cozy, cable-knit sweaters. You can still maintain your tan from that wonderful week you spent in Turks and Caicos.

Here are some products and tips to help you keep your sun-kissed glow:

Nivea Sun-Kissed Firming Moisturizer is a daily body lotion you can use every day because it’s a firming moisturizer and builds a healthy glow within 5 days. There are two formulas, specially designed for light to medium skin and medium to dark skin.

Estée Lauder Go Tan Sunless Towelettes ($28 US for a pack of 10) are these no-mess, no-stress towelettes that apply just the right amount of self-tanner, then blend perfectly for an incredible "tan" every time: streak-free, golden, radiantly natural-looking. It’s really great for first-time tanners and those travelers always on the go.

Lancome Flash Bronzer ($38 US) is a tinted gel formula to ensure uniform coverage and a streakless natural looking tan. Enriched with moisturizing agents and Vitamin E, it leaves the skin feeling sublime, showing off a delicate golden glow. Thanks to the gel’s wonderfully effective self-tanning agents, the body appears evenly tanned for several days.

And, follow these tips for the best faux-tan from

GET THE LOOK: The key to a fresh autumn complexion is the happy medium: Nothing too pale, nothing too bronze. To create a believable tint, spread a thin layer of light-shade self-tanner around your face and neck before bed each night.

INSIDER TRICK: Apply using a cosmetic wedge, so you can cover your hairline and small nooks and crannies without making your fingertips tan, too.