Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I hope that y'all have a great holiday with your family and friends this weekend! I'm going to spend the better part of the day making turkey 'n all the fixin's with the Boyfriend. We're gonna start early but it's no big deal because while we slave over the stove, we're going to eat some bomb deviled eggs and bacon-wrapped shrimp that one of our best friend, Bruce, is going to make.

And of course, watch some football while we cook - can't wait! I'm getting killed in my Fantasy Football league so I'm praying for a high-scoring Colts game tomorrow. GO Peyton Manning!! I'll be thankful to just not be in the bottom this week again.

What else am I thankful for? Chanel - how do I count the ways? My new favorite Hydramax moisturizer and who could resist those beautiful Glossimers?!

Dior 'DiorLight' Holiday Bright Lip Gloss ($90 US) is such a beauty, I can't help but be thankful for the geniuses behind this gem.

A Top Chef 3 Thanksgiving Day marathon on Bravo . I can't wait until the next season, but until then, I'll get my fix all day tomorrow! YAY Hung!

And of course my family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving!


The Home Spa Goddess said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love the Hills too! (Thank God for MTV Online). How pitiful did Spencer and Heidi look at their dinner. They have NO friends.

nilla cookie said...

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by! I really think that Heidi and Spencer are annoying as well. Get with the program and realize that you're losing all your friends for a reason. Silly kids, trix are for kids! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

CityChic said...

What a nice photo! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and keep up the good work on your blog!