Beauty Review: Clinique High Definition Lashes Mascara

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I was a little skeptical to try this mascara because I hadn’t used any products from Clinique for as long as I can remember. The brand didn’t have any pizzazz for me all those years ago so I really wasn’t expecting much from the mascara. But, I’m surprised (and glad) to say that I really like this mascara!

Three things that I’m looking for in a good mascara is: volume, length, and longevity. I’d say that this High Definition Lashes Mascara ($14 US) has all of the above, but if it gave me more volume, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a favorite.

I’ve been wearing it for a couple of days now and I’ve noticed that it’s really easy to apply. I can get an even coverage without trying too hard and within 2-3 coats –- I put on three because I wanted my lashes to look fuller. (I’m telling you, they’re really skimpy.)

The brush is a dual one – one side is for applying the color and then it has a comb to brush out your lashes so that you can create definition for each lash. I found that I didn’t need the comb side and was worried that it would affect the applicator side (not big enough, etc.) but it didn’t. I don’t know about you but I may not have been affected because I don’t have a lot of lashes to begin with.

Again, this didn’t give me all the volume that I was looking for but I didn’t really miss it either. It’s nice for your more subtle day looks when you’re not looking to blow everyone away with your fabulous lashes. It defines nicely and does a great job with lengthening for me. I can wear it all day (I’m talking 12+ hours) and it doesn’t flake at all - woo hoo!!!

At $14 bucks a pop (slightly higher than drugstore brands), I think this one’s really worth a try. Let me know what you think of this Allure Editor’s Choice Winner.


CityChic said...

wow i must give this a try. I'm currently hung up on chanel inimitable (27.50) and imju fiberwig (22). I can DEF use a $14 mascara!

nilla cookie said...

Hey City Chic!

Isn't $14 a complete bargain?? I want to try fiberwig but don't know if I'm willing to cough up $22 for it. What to do?! I think for now, I'm totally content with my Voluminous and this Clinique one :)

Anonymous said...

I bought this today and immediately tried this on....I am on a mascara binge because I bought 3 other mascaras a few days ago. I must say that the formula is a soft creamy (not too wet and definitely not thick and goopy! I find that I can apply several coats with ease and no clumping! The comb part of it was easy to use and just turned up the mascara to dramatic!

It gave me little length and good volume...not as much length as MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash but it was good! The brush reminds me of L'Oreal Original Voluminous! I also wanted High lengths but they did not have it in black! I feel like I want to try the others: High Lengths, High Impact, Lash Doubling.

My Lashes are naturally Curled and average length! I would recommend it...without hesitation!