2007 American Music Awards: Love It or Hate It?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I caught some of the American Music Awards on television Sunday night and I gotta say, there wasn't anything too interesting about it. But then again, what really is when it comes to these award shows?

I was on the lookout for fun, sassy, pretty fashions and makeup just to keep myself interested in watching (but I ultimately clicked over to The Amazing Race because a friend would rather watch people drinking camel's milk - gross, but intriguing).

Anyway, back to the AMAs. I noticed that there were a lot of sparkles and minis (a lot). I love both trends and I love them both together! Check out Ashley Tisdale, Melanie Brown, and Fergie's look here.

I also tried to pick out my favorite beauty looks of the night. Which one was your favorite? I gotta go with Alicia Keys' dress was one of my faves but her eyeliner was wayyy too think and heavy for me. You couldn't even tell how pretty her eyes really are!

I adored Carrie Underwood's soft and romantic makeup; the subtle lips and dramatic eyes were perfect to go with her sweet white mini-dress. Although I'm still on the fence about the neckline - too wedding-ish for me.

Christina Applegate's fierce, royal blue dress was one of my favorites of the bunch but I definitely wasn't into her shoes. First off, it didn't match, and second of all, a slinky, strappy silver sandal would have made this outfit shine! I was also diggin' her soft, subtle makeup. Is it just me or do her eyes look a little buggy - not the right false lashes maybe?

And finally, for my worst pick of the evening's looks - Rihanna. Oh girl, what is up with the dangling piece of hair right in front of your face? It just looks like a bad weave and the dress was sooooo unflattering. I much preferred the dress she had on during her stage performance with Ne-Yo. It was super classy and really showed off her body in a non-slutty kind of way.

Which AMA looks were your favorite? I'd love to know!

{Photos: People.com, FabSugar, Oh-Rihanna.com, CBS.com}


Marleaux said...

OMG, Carrie's dress was HOT. I do agree about the neckline. Maybe if the dress started with less flowers going down instead of coming up, it would have looked better. But she still gets my #1 was the AMA's.

psychoexgirlfriend said...

I don't really even know who she is but Miley Cyrus looked just adorable, fresh and fun in her little red dress, albeit a little older than she really is

nilla cookie said...

Hi Marleaux -

I definitely think that Carrie's was one of my favorites. Every time she walked on stage, I was staring at her dress! Super flirty, except for the neck suffocation - LOL.

Thanks for stopping by!

nilla cookie said...

Hey PsychoEx (although I assume that's not really true) -

I saw Miley Cyrus too (she's the famed Hannah Montana that's so popular among the girly tween scene). Her hair looked kind of a mess in one of the pictures I saw, like a bad crip job!

I agree that she and Vanessa Hudgens definitely looked older than they are.

karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

I'm not feeling that dress on Fergie. On someone like Tina Turner in her hey day, however...

nilla cookie said...

Hey Karen!

I'm not into Fergie in general. I also saw the dress she had on during the red carpet and it was another mini that wasn't cute at all. I was really disappointed in our new Viva Glam girl!

applediva said...

I do not like Riri's dress... Definitely a HAM!!

yummy411 said...

yeh rihanna's dress for the performance was hot! great look for her =)

nilla cookie said...

Hey Yummy, I agree! I loved her performance dress. But why does she have to always have hair in her face? It kinda urks me a little - LOL

Mack Nola said...

Alicia was fierce. I loved her entire look. Carrie Underwood..I was thinking cheap wedding dress.

nilla cookie said...

Hey Mack Nola,

Thanks for stopping by!

I agree that Alicia was lookin' really great at the AMAs and her performance was HOT! Carrie was cute too, but I wouldn't call it cheap.. just a little over the top with the neckline. I thought she was still pretty! :)