New Lancome Pout-à-Porter Lip Color!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The Lancome Pout-à-Porter collection is on a roll and has reported that a fourth sensation in lip color is in the works – aren’t you soo excited?? Gucci Westman, Lancome’s international artistic director, is working with designer, Thakoon Panichgul, on another shade that is sure to put beauty enthusiasts into a frenzy even before it hits stores.

From Working with the show’s theme of “a Japanese girl who goes to Hawaii,” Westman decided on a fuchsia stain to highlight the fresh-from-the-beach glow she planned on giving the models. She mixed together three creamy textured colors: beige, beige-colored rose and a bright, blue-based fuchsia. “It’s the sheerest color we’ve done yet for the project,” says Westman, “but it’s perfect for Thakoon. His girl is about minimal makeup.”

Only 2,000 of this still unnamed lip color will go into production and is set to retail for $24 each. This new addition of the Pout-à-Porter collection will hit stores in February – to align with Fashion Week I’m sure! Past colors included the recently released PS Kiss, Proenza Pink, the first from the collection, Benhaz Red. Keep an eye out for the new one, ladies, I know I am because it's going to sell out faster than the Valentine's Day chocolate you're going to receive in February.