Oh, Miss Vera!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've been wearing Vera Wang Parfum all day and it's just one of those scents that are so classic, you can wear forever. When I first put a couple of dabs of the parfum on my wrists and behind my earlobes, it reminded me of Lancôme's Trésor at first scent - very romantic with beautiful floral notes.

Vera Wang Parfum is definitely a modern, sensual, and romantic scent - a classic without smelling like your grandmother's perfume. It has notes of rose, cala lily, and mandarin flowers blended with gardenia (my favorite!), lotus, iris, and white stephanotis, then wrapped in sheer musk, white wood, and floral nectar. The combination is a beautiful blend that I would love to wear as an everyday scent but would save it for that special occassion where you want to feel romantic and sexy.

The Eau de Parfum Spray starts at $67 US and if you're starting to think about the holidays already, I recommend this for everyone! Just pair the scent with the Moisturizing Body Shimmer ($50 US) and your friends and family will love you for it!


Anonymous said...

i went to highschool with ms wang. i always knew she'll make something of her life. proud of her.

i want to be ms vera wang for holloween. :)

Joy said...

I love this scent! Will be looking for a gift set of it this holiday season. :-)