MAC Holiday 2007: Antiquitease

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just when y'all couldn't wait for MAC's Alexander McQueen collection to come out this past week, MAC has given us even more wonderful holiday items we just have to have NOW!

MAC is coming out with their Antiquitease collection in the U.S. on Oct. 25th. Here's a sneak peak at Heirlooms brush sets, Finery lip color kits, and Royal Assets for lips and eyes.

MAC Holiday 2007 Heirlooms will come in three must-have brush sets: Basic (everyone has to have the basics!), Face, and Eyes. These sets are all $48 US each and come in a cute limited edition packaging that looks like a clutch! I just got back from my local Nordstrom's and already pre-ordered my Basic set; I can't until it comes in the mail!

Finery lip color kits ($38 US) have two lipsticks and one lip gloss and will come in four different color palettes - coral, pink, tan, and plum. Don't get too excited about these yet. These don't roll out until mid- to late November.

And now, the mac daddy of them all... the Royal Assets palettes. You KNOW these are going to sell out FAST like they do every holiday season! Royal Assets will arrive in four lip and four eye shadow palettes. The lip palettes come with three colors in them and will retail for $22.50 US. The eyeshadow kit comes with six colors and will retail for $36 US. I can't wait to check them out. The package looks so "antique" and beautiful, I know I'll pick up at least one set. :)

Viva Glamorous is also part of MAC's Holiday Collection this year. And if you can't get enough for your lips with all the Antiquitease sets, these will make great stocking stuffers for all those MAC addicts out there.

If you can't to check them out either, I actually heard that some of these will be in stores as early as Oct. 18th! Will we have to wait until the end of the month? Or will our MAC Holiday dreams come true in five more days???


I♥M·A·C said...

Royal Assets that contain the palettes is coming out next thursday 8/25 but the shadow duos and individual lippies etc are coming out this thursday I CANT WAIT....

What r u getting???

By the way, I forgot to mention, I love ur site hun!!!!!xoxoxox

nilla cookie said...

I just pre-ordered one of the brush sets just for the special edition packaging (LOL) and I'm definitely going to pick up a couple of the palettes! Can't wait!