Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There's me on the far right dressed up as a roaring 20s flapper - or Catherine Zeta Jones if you're referencing Chicago. And the rest of the gang are my co-workers!!

Here's one of me and a hot stewardess, Susan! :)

Happy Halloween, everyone! Go Trick or Treating and have a safe day!


Beth said...

So fun! Wish my company was so boring... no one dressed up! booo.

I have a question: Where is your favorite place in SF to get Mani/Pedis. I am always looking for a fabulous nail salon that is afordable. Let me know!

nilla cookie said...

Hey Beth!

Halloween was really fun at my company, too bad your office didn't do anything fun :(

When I need a quickie mani/pedi, I usually just go to small hole-in-the-wall near my place in the Sunset. But when I'm looking to splurge a little but not go overboard, I like Silk (Franklin/Sutter) and Zaza (SOMA). Where are some of your favorites?

Hope you're having a great day!

Beth said...

I love this one little shop on Divis, between Bush and Pine, next to the Fish Bowl. Can't beat $8 for a mani! But I need to find somewhere closer to home (North Beach area!)... the search continues...

My day is hectic!

nilla cookie said...

$8 for a mani! That's good stuff! I think I'll have to make weekend trip there very soon! :)