Beauty Peeves

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Don't you really hate it when you travel to high altitudes and when you finally land, everything in your beauty arsenal explodes upon opening?? Shampoos, facial cleansers, lotions, and even lip glosses!

My weekend in Lake Tahoe was the last straw for me when it came to my favorite facial cleanser, Olay's Foaming Face Wash, exploded about a third of the cleanser in my duffle bag. This must be the third time that this has happened now and I know I should have learned the first time to put it in a plastic baggie. But still, plastic baggie or no plastic baggie, it still leaks no matter what because it comes in a pump form only (blech!) and I hate wasting it.

I've finally decided that now I'm ready to do something about it. I recently read about these nifty facial film soaps from a Japanese brand called DHC on one of my favorite beauty blogs, Makeup and Beauty Blog. The Q10 Facial Film Soap sheets come in a solid form and then foam up when you wet it and swirl it around in your hand to create magical soapy suds! Check out Karen's awesome review and tutorial on how it works HERE.

I'm going to order a boat-load of these online on the DHC website today. You can get 40 sheets for $9.50 US or from now until Nov. 30th, they're only $7 - what a deal! I can't wait to try it out as this will definitely help to relieve me of my exploding soap insanity when I travel.

Now, if someone can only come up with a solution for my favorite lip glosses! *wink*