Don't Need a Boyfriend to Wear His Watch..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I was shopping around this past weekend and found myself checking out watches. And not the small and dainty ones a lot of women tend to wear; I really like 'boyfriend watches'! They're chunky yet still feminine and it's a great accessory for the fall and winter seasons.

Check out these SPLURGE options from

Shop Burberry Heritage Stainless Steel Bracelet for $525 HERE

Shop MICHAEL Michael Kors Men's Chrono Leather Band Watch for $185 HERE

Or STEAL this Fossil Womens Metal Chronograph Watch for $95 from


Julian's blog said...

Dear Daily Cookie:
I am one of those guys who likes sleek, wafer-thin watches.
So, your selection greatly appeals to me!

nilla cookie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Julian! I hope that you'll check back again soon and find other items you enjoy :D

Allison said...

Love the blog...what a great name, surprised Cookie Mag, hasnt tried to buy that url from you:)