Lust, Caution: Get The Look from Dior

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Inspired from the seductive look of Tang Wei, lead actress in Lust, Caution, Dior recreates her femme fatale look with dramatic eyes and ruby red lips.

Dior Airflash ($60 US) is a spray foundation that revolutionizes they way you makeup your face. It gives you perfect coverage while evening out out your skin tone without being too heavy. The spray mist leaves your face feeling fresh, light, and gives your complexion a perfect, flawless finish.

Start your look of pure seduction with perfectly lined, dramatic eyes that would make even the hottest Hollywood starlet envious. Use Dior's quick drying and long lasting Style Liner ($30 US) on your eyelids close to the base of your lashes with one precise stroke of the brush.

Finish off your Seductress Look with Dior Rouge Dior lip color ($26 US). Lipstick is back this fall and Rouge Dior's unique formula gives you lips that are utlra brilliant, lusciously full, long-wearing and wonderfully moist. Get the look from Lust, Caution with Red Premiere or Celebrity Red. Or try out fall's newest colors like All Star Pink, Brown Ceremony, Diorama, and Interview Pink.